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Re: Fedora review


Marc Wiriadisastra
Choice Tyre Wholesalers

> On Tue, Jul 19, 2005 at 12:40:50PM +0800, Marc Wiriadisastra wrote:
>> The problem is this is a linux guy that has spread FUD and I'm not sure
>> how many people believe him so I'm wondering how many people /won't/ try
> Let's keep our own labels correct. This article doesn't appear to be FUD
> (which is by definition a malicious underhanded tactic) but rather an
> honest
> but somewhat ill-informed review.
Wrong wording but I'm still very patriotic to fedora if that can be used

>> fedora because of this.  Its hard enough facing other OS FUD let alone
>> facing it from inside.  I'm assuming that its a fine line between honest
>> criticism and actual misinformation.
> Sure -- and both of those things are still on this side of the big line
> marked "FUD". :)
>> IMO as well is that articles like this need to be dealt with in some way
>> by the 'marketing' group so that as a group we can progress towards
>> people
>> knowing exactly what fedora is and isn't.  The long term users
>> understand,
> It's also important that articles like this are "dealt with" not just by
> "correcting" the reviewer -- it's also important to take a honest look at
> any *real* problems that are exposed, even if the complaint doesn't feel
> fair at first to an insider. For example, the gripe about OpenOffice
> warning
> that it's a beta version with no obvious explanation.....
Granted however it seemed really one sided.  He/she seemed very much
wanting things to be 'closer' to the put in and install straight away type
which I personally don't like but everyone to his own.

The complaints however seemed like the majority is caused by him however
there was no acknowledgement of his perceived ways of doing things.  The
fact that his choice was apt seemed to be that he was assessing(typo) from
a debian perspective which I think is not in the 'spirit' of how to do
things. Since Fedora is obviously not a debian fork or debian based

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