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Re: Single CD Fedora distro

Joshua Wulf wrote:
Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:

That's exactly what I'd like to do.

However, there's two types of CD -- Live CD and Single Install CD.  I'm
happy to solicit the completion of KDE and Gnome Live CDs for Fedora --
but the Single Install CD is another matter.  The more I investigate, the
more it appears as though we've painted ourselves into a corner with firstboot; basically, FC4 is *just too big* (allegedly) to install happily from one CD. I'm still trying to get a good answer as to why this is.


I'll look into it too. If first boot is too big for a single install CD, then firstboot has to go, because the Holy Grail of the single install CD must be attained....

I'm speculating here because I'm not yet up on the live CD status, but would a single install disk, while worthy in it's own right, be a significant launching pad to a live CD?

Hi, I don't have anything against single install CD, but please keep bloated version of fedora alive. Ubuntu is great distribution, but their install CD is size-constrained rather than current Fedora's functionality-dupilication-constrained, so anything developer thinks doesn't feel worthy is not included in install CD. This unfortunately result in lack of internationalization and lack of Japanese language input. Group of Japanese is creating unofficial version of ubuntu to serve the needs. However as a result of this, developers are now fragmented and there seems to be no improvement in Japanese support in ubuntu in foreseeable future.

If fedora is anything but platform for developers and participation, please take functionality-oriented install CD way. It really doesn't make sense for me, if some functionality is removed from install CD, just because it exceeds 640MB.

If fedora is ever going to create single install CD, please take Konppix way, (i.e., 1CD install disk for English speaking audience only and 1DVD or 4CDs for standard version) not ubuntu way.

In the end, I feel like I have something against single install CD. haha.

Yoshihiro Totaka

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