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Re: "CMC" moniker

I agree with Community Representative.

Joshua Wulf <jwulf redhat com> escreveu:
As discussed in today's meeting we're continuing the discussion of what
the Fedora "Community Marketing Contacts" should be called here on the
mailing list.

Here are my thoughts on the matter:

I believe... that "CMC" must go (bad marketingspeak bad!). As mentioned
by gdk in an earlier post, Fedora is many things. It's a distro, and
it's a project. We're all about community - distro and project - not
simply a finished "product". We're not marketing a product, which
implies a monologue - we're building a community: we need a conversation.

I see the role of a "CMC" as three fold:

1. Inquire (hear first, if you wish to be heard - conduit of information
from the peeps to the project - "We hear ya!")
2. Inform (conduit of information from inside the project to the
outside: community and wider public)
3. Invite (It's ! all about participation - Our Motto: "We Make it Easy!")

I liked Colin's way of testing potential titles:

"yada yada yada..." says , of the Fedora

...says XYZ, spokesperson for the Fedora Project
...says XYZ, ambassador of the Fedora Project / Fedora Foundation (i
like that one, it's like something from Trek)

Suggestions so far (from today's meeting):

Local Fedora Contact
Community Representative

/me +1 Ambassador


Fedora-marketing-list mailing list
Fedora-marketing-list redhat com

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