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Re: Meeting Minutes - 02/09/2005

On Thu, 1 Sep 2005, Jeremy Hogan wrote:

> On 9/1/05, Colin Charles <byte aeon com my> wrote:
> > * Logo: First draft from a Real Designer(TM) available soon. We can't
> > place a vote on logos, as establishing a brand is something that
> > professionals spend a lot of money to do. Folks will have input, and
> > if a huge majority of folk *hate* the logo, it will be killed
> That sounds exactly like a vote to me. Does this actually mean we won't be 
> shown (m)any variants unless the first attempts are quashed?

It means we'll start with a professionally designed logo concept and start
the discussions from there.  And when I say "professionally designed," I
mean "designed by someone who has been following the list for weeks, has
seen the discussions and the other logo ideas, has mapped out the messages
that we're trying to communicate with the Fedora brand, and has come up
with some pretty good stuff, and is working on a bit of polish yet."

>From there, the discussion begins.  Improvements/changes will be
considered.  If it's universally hated, we'll go back do the drawing
board.  And bearing in mind that Fedora is a meritocracy as well as a
democracy, the voice of the Real Designer (tm) will carry more weight as
we seek to build a consensus.


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