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Re: [Re: Fedora Foundation around the world]

Hi All!

A few comments below...

On Fri, 2005-09-02 at 00:51 +1000, Colin Charles wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-08-30 at 11:27 +1000, David Barzilay wrote:
> > That's exactly the point I am trying to make. I was asked for input on
> > the idea of Community Marketing Contacts being enough for global input.
> We want a CMC to be of a global nature. I.e. we expect a CMC in /every/
> country. Be it RH or not. 2, having a lead and a co-lead will help
> > Well, how many fluent languages are represented within the current
> > selected group? What's the possible global coverage by these people?
> This current group is expected to grow

Great! I thought so ;)
> > Whoever the spokespeople are, how do you intend to overcome the language
> > barriers to keep them well informed?
> I am presuming that a CMC will be bilingual at least - she will be able
> to speak English (converse with us) as well as her own community. And if
> her community is large and wants to converse in their own language, they
> can get their own mailing list (we have support for this already)

Yep! FWIW, we already have several existing mailing lists for
translation purposes (see

> > > The important thing is that we are in sync with RH on what the core
> > > message is, and how to speak about RHs involvement. If we trust the
> > > message, we can trust the messenger.
> > 
> > You probably can. But, do you intend to spread the message only in
> > English? 
> No. But baby steps, we will start with whats most common. After that,
> translations are dependent on CMCs or their leverages with translators

What if the CMCs were one or two translators within their already
established communities? As I said before, I'm up for it, and guess some
other members of my team might also be interested..

> > Who would you trust to adapt the message into different languages, and
> > make sure it is in sync with RH?
> We have to localise. And we'd have to hope that its in sync with what we
> say. How are we going to QA it? Well, this is where we let OSS take its
> stand, and its called "RH letting go of some control"
> Some malicious CMC can do something bad, but why volunteer for a job
> that you want to sabotage? Its like a malicious Fedora Extras
> contributor we're worried about... all possible, but realistically,
> let's be a bit more trusting

Totally agree. I am just suggesting to face Fedora's worldwide marketing
challenges on a more professional basis. I trust many of the
contributors, but realistically I cannot always *count on* them...

> > Thanks for listening!
> Thanks for sharing! Can we count you as a CMC in your region?

Thumbs up!
David Barzilay
Brazilian Portuguese
Technical Translator
Red Hat Asia-Pacific

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