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Re: Meeting Minutes - 02/09/2005

> Agenda:
> * Mentors - Patrick has been contacted, so there's some mild success.
> Marc will contact everyone by next meeting, and report progress. Do we
> need a mailing list where all mentor traffic is cc'ed to or does that
> sequester mentor traffic? Help in public might be intimidating, so 1:1
> email might be better. Mentors will provide a list of required reading
> Action: So, fedora-mentors-list redhat com for mentors and mentees to go
> to if confused. private 1:1 chats can happen, with a summary (faq
> styled, onus on mentee), to go to fedora-mentors-list. Greg sent for
> list creation immediately, kudos.
> Lead: Marc Wiriadisastra
> Co-Lead: Patrick Barnes

I'm in the process of drafting the email since I want to get my points
concisely across to the relevant people and so that we can get at least
a start on the process.

Thanks Greg for getting that request process so soon.



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