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rodrigopadula sagraluzzatto com br wrote:

>Será que é possivel conseguir junto a Red hat apoio financeiro para divulgação
>do Fedora Core aqui no Brasil?
First, the language of this list is English.  It's not that we don't
support the international community, but it is a common language for the
small number of contributors we have.  We are, of course, interested in
spreading Fedora all over the world, however, the financial backing for
marketing is limited.  You may be able to get limited sponsorship for
something like a FUDCon.  Funding for other marketing materials simply
isn't there yet.  Fedora Marketing is in its early stages, so it may be
a while before we can do that sort of marketing.

>Estou pensando em participar de alguins eventos e fazer material de divulgação
>do Fedora (cds, panfletos, camisas).
We are planning on producing marketing kits and finding marketing
contacts around the world.  If you are interested, that's great.  You
should watch this list and perhaps stop in and listen to our weekly
meetings.  We don't have a solid process for translation, yet, and we
haven't yet produced any CD labels, pamplets, or shirts.  We will
welcome your assistance in marketing, but we're still just getting
started.  As long as you follow the Trademark Guidlines posted at
fedora.redhat.com, you are welcome to produce marketing materials of
your own in the meantime.

>Tenho o meu grupo de estudos aqui na faculdade e agora como ja me formei,
>queria me dedicar mais aos projetos de software livre.
We're glad you've chosen Fedora as a venue to participate in the open
source community.  Please check out the pages at
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/ including the HelpWanted page for more
information about how you can participate in the various Fedora subprojects.

>Seria interessante conseguir cds do fedora e distribuir para as turmas dos
>primeiros periodos da faculdade.
>Seria muito interessante isso... daria uma grande divuglação.
You are welcome to create your own CDs or order them from an online
vendor in order to distribute them.  Unfortunately, we cannot provide
any funding for that effort.  Handing out CD-Rs with Fedora at your
college would be great.  Work is also being done on a LiveCD project. 
If you'd like to give that a try, it would be a great way to introduce
others to Fedora.  They can just pop 1 CD in and boot Fedora to try it
out.  Check out http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/LiveCD for more information.

>ASS: Rodrigo Padula
>Brasil - www.gunix.com.br
Welcome to the Fedora community.

Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 n-man com


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