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[Fwd: Novellʼs open source effort looks more aggressive than Fedora]


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Novell’s recent move to release a version of its SuSE Linux operating system as free, open source software should give the vendor a boost in credibility with the open source community, while building its base of users running the Linux flavor.

...However, Novell is going a step further than Red Hat, offering a packaged version of the product, complete with documentation, as well as a downloadable version.

The company is also offering users the opportunity to get fee-based technical support for OpenSuSE. The first release by the project was SuSE Linux 10.0 beta, with more beta versions to follow over the coming weeks and months. The company claims to have more than 2,500 registered members so far.

...The OpenSuSE Web site also features a “wiki” documentation section, where users can post and edit each other’s release notes and comments on the software as it is released to, and tested by, the community.

More at http://www.networkworld.com/newsletters/linux/2005/0822linux2.html

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