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Re: Red Hat Establishes Fedora Mirror Site in China


Now, I have a few questions:

1. was RH ever going to ask/consult/tell us about
fedoraproject.org.cn /before/ its inception?

I find this lack of communication not positive


2. Is the content there going to be localised? Last I checked, RH
Beijing was hiring ~80 staff (earlier this year), so how important is
RHEL/Fedora there?

>3. Competition from Sun Wah Linux and Red Flag linux (I think they're

now a fedora/chinese spinoff) is rife. Thoughts?

Not many ideas but I will share some information. Miracle Corporation (Japan) , Red Flag (China) and Haansoft (Korea) have formed http://asianux.com. Its a Red Hat Enterprise Linux spinoff with a heavily themed Anaconda and a general Windows like look and feel. These along with Turbolinux seem to be popular in this region. SCIM input method ( in rawhide) with a strong native language support should put Fedora on par



Some articles and screenshots


regards Rahul

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