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Re: The big What-Why-How

On 9/8/05, Alex Maier <lxmaier gmail com> wrote:
> What do we want to achieve? To put it in as few words as possible, we
> want world domination for Fedora and Open Source software. 

Must we attempt to dominate? Can't we just all get along in a nice big
open source ecosystem of different interoperable solutions?

> - Fedora v. Ubuntu: 

I would strongly discourage making direct comparative statements
between fedora and other popular fast release schedule distros. You
run a very very real risk of spreading misinformation about the other
distros that we as a community have less overall experience with and
we end up looking bad in the process. You make a biased
mis-representative comparison and people's BS detectors go off. You
make an obvious sin of omission or fabrication and people are going to
call you out on it..publicly.  Avoid direct comparisons at all
costs....especially with the other quickly moving distro projects, its
a changing landscale and you run the very real risk of being bitten by
a lack of experience and out of date information with what you are
comparing against as the other distro evolves in parallel to Fedora. 
You want to make a comparison to slow release cycle variants..I'm okay
with that. But I don't think you want to get into the business of
trying to revise information based on a shallow understanding of
ubuntu every 6 months. I don't want to see anything approaching the
grotesque release review hatchet jobs I see floating around in the
techpress sitting on any project controlled communication channels.


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