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Meeting Minutes - 2005-09-08


Christopher Aillon (caillon)
Greg DeKoenigsberg (gregdek)
Rahul Sundaram (mether)
Patrick Barnes (nman64)
Karsten Wade (quaid)
Bob Jensen (StillBob)


 * Mentors - Marc has sent out emails, only Rahul has replied so far. 
fedora-mentors-list created.  Greg waiting for address from Marc to hand
over admin.

 * SOP for Publicizing Events - Rahul to send report to list.  Doc to be
a list of links and addresses for reporting to start.  More to come later.

 * Fedora CMCs - Greg has created a list and will hand admin to Colin. 
We need to recruit CMCs.
    <gregdek> Any thoughts there?
    <mether>  well probably can get a list of users in the fedora list
who proactively help other users
    <mether>  and invite them to participate
    <gregdek> Good idea.

    <gregdek> So.  Time to push bytee into leading very active
recruitment for CMCs.  :)

    We should get in touch with Fedora-based distros and ask them to

    ACTION: Rahul to comb distrowatch and contact non-commercial
Fedora-based distros.  Commercial distros to come later.

 * Logo - Still waiting.

 * Fedora Marketing Kits - Not ready to build yet, but follow discussion
on thread from Alex.

 * Legacy in Anaconda - Not going to be enabled.  Legacy section in
release notes?

 * Vendor List - Add to discussion next week.
    <mether>  how about getting a list of people who are doing different
things with fedora
    <StillBob>        such as?
    <mether>  selling fedora cds, customising it
    <mether>  "supporting" it in one way or other
    <gregdek> Just so long as someone *owns* this kind of list and
*maintains* it.
    <gregdek> This kind of info doesn't update itself, and quickly gets

 * f.r.c - Needs cleanup, removal of stale material.

    ACTION: Bob to start fixing up f.r.c and create mockup for fp.org. 
fp.org to be prettied up and made primary site.  Need to get some sort
of access from Seth Vidal for maintenance.

See you all next week!

Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 n-man com


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