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Re: The big What-Why-How

Jef is so right here, it makes me weep.

Fedora is the right thing to do.

Why Fedora?  Because it's got the best out-of-box security model available
in a free distro.  Execshield.  Buffer validation.  SELinux.  It's an OS
that doesn't become a spambot in 15 minutes.

Why Fedora?  Because it's all open, and it'll stay that way.  Open
protocols for music and video.  Ogg is open *and* it's better, so we're
gonna use it.  We put our money where our mouth is.

Why Fedora?  Because it works.  It's a great desktop and it's a great 
server.  It's got everything that any Linux user needs.

Why Fedora?  Because it's built using the right model.  It's cutting-edge
without sacrificing usefulness.  Not only is it a great desktop and a
great server, it's also a great R&D platform for the Linux community as a
whole.  And the cutting-edge today becomes the supported RHEL stability of

Why Fedora?  Because it's secure, because it's open, because it works, and 
because it's innovative.  

Why Fedora?  Because it's the *right thing to do*.

Hell yeah.


On Thu, 8 Sep 2005, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

> > SELinux and our release philosophy are actually probably good examples
> > of why Fedora isn't currently an OS for world domination - implementing
> > SELinux is the right thing to do, but it currently complicates running
> > the system.
> There it is... there's the crux of the matter.
> Fedora: The right thing to do.
> Not the easy thing... not the quick thing...the right thing. The right
> thing for future of the existing community, as well as the future of
> open source computing in a broader context.
> Short term release schedules with long term focus.  
> Doesn't that sum what everyone is trying to express in terms of a
> development philosophy and focus actually is? Not what we'd like it to
> be.  All the efforts to shoehorn a definition of the Fedora experience
> that tries to detail what Fedora is "now" feels so very badly out of
> place when the development is clearly focused on getting things right
> long term. The payoff simply isnt istant gratification. Its not about
> the best desktop or whatever "now" its about progress toward the
> ideal.
> jef"Fedora: Contradictions made manifest"spaleta

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