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Re: The big What-Why-How

On 9/8/05, Stuart Ellis <stuart elsn org> wrote:
> One of those is, "how is Fedora different from any other Linux
> distribution ?". Somebody reading the Website is going to mentally ask
> that question, and look for an answer.

my question about similar hammers still apply. If everything in the
space is 90%+ similiar can you really answer that question in a
general way with technical specifics.. or does it just come down to
more qualitative things..more personal decisions. Things like
estetics, and the power of the brandname in the marketplace.  We keep
trying to pick apart the technical specifics that make these projects
different and to take those technical specifics and making them
compelling to a general audience. Maybe the technical mumbo-jumbo
simply isn't compelling to most people. How about we make a general
statement what we hope the experience is like and promise to do our
best to have each release get closer to what we thing the ideal
experience is.

> That sums up how I feel, personally. A lot of people, though, are very
> interested in the idea of a well-made, no-fee desktop. 

How do i put this....
Some people need to be violently divorced of the idea that this
project is going to magically produce the ideal desktop experience for
every computer user on the planet with every release. The development
focus of this project is not singularly aimed at the desktop.. so
short term gains that seem to benefit some desktop users immediately
will be passed over to reach more balanced long term goals.


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