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Re: For this weeks meeting agenda...

On Sun, 2005-09-11 at 04:54 -0500, Bryan J. Smith wrote:
> Okay, I can thin my comments it out into 3-4 statements total.
> But I think the current form is technically misleading.  Instead on
> focusing on saying what is and isn't experimental, why not say that Red
> Hat requires certain functions to work on a filesystem, JFS and ReiserFS
> do not, and while XFS does, it's support is still experimental and not
> as well tested.

Dang, I'm half-asleep.  Do-over ...

Say something like ...

Fedora Core, more than most other Linux distributions, requires the
filesystem have extensive kernel/application support.  Ext2/Ext3 have a
long history on all Linux distributions, so kernel and application
support is commonly implemented.  This includes kernel NFS services,
quotas and Extended Attributes (EAs) for things such as Access Control
Lists (ACLs) and Mandatory Access Controls (MACs) like SELinux.

ReiserFS is not working on supporting many of these features, which is a
show-stopper, and has a long history if compatibility issues with
traditional services Fedora Core has been used for.  JFS is still
missing many of these components, and suffers from the same
compatibility history as ReiserFS.  While XFS does have extensive
support, and SGI has produced releases of XFS for prior Red Hat kernels,
Fedora Core has not tested XFS extensive, and there are many known
issues with XFS in the Linux kernel (outside of SGI's control).

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