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Re: For this weeks meeting agenda...

On 09/11/2005 02:07 AM, Patrick Barnes wrote:

The current appearance of the document is largely dictated by the
perspective and the form of the wiki.  The 'myths' are the focus of the
document.  Dispelling them with the facts is its purpose.  It is not
meant to be read by drive-by reviewers.  People who view the page are
looking for reasons.  That said, I will try to go back and improve the
contrast to better highlight the facts.

The point is that your document is capable of being read drive-by, thanks to the nature of the internet (and e.g. Google). The people who are susceptible to myth and most need to read that document are also the most likely to be confused with the wrong message if they happen to come across it the same way I did.

Disregarding that, there is still something even AFTER i read the document through that makes the human (at least this one) focus on the bullet points. Those being negative really hurts. Let's focus on the positive. Perhaps something like:

* <b>Q: Is Fedora Core unstable and unreliable?</b>
* <b>A: No. In fact, many businesses rely on Fedora Core for day-to-day operation and, in some cases, critical infrastructure.</b> The misconception that Fedora is unstable is driven by two things:

Basically, give the reader the bottom line information up front, and then if they want to read the full response, they can. This helps ensure the information we provide will be construed in a manner desirable to us.

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