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Re: For this weeks meeting agenda...

Bryan J. Smith wrote:

On Mon, 2005-09-12 at 04:13 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:

Never is a long time. Ext3 is under active development and will continue to get more enhancements .

Let me be the _first_ to thank Red Hat and Tweedie for the Ext3 filesystem. I trust it implicitly. It started saving my bacon in early 2000, and I have trusted it ever since. It was a much needed, evolutionary filesystem from _trusted_ Ext2 which has not changed since the mid-'90s. There's nothing like knowing you can always do a full Ext2 fsck -- that's something I trust.

*BUT* I have 2 standing rules on my Ext3 deployments:

1. No Ext3 filesystem is ever larger than 1TB. I try to keep them
100GB or smaller. I still use Ext3 for system volumes, and I would
_never_ use another filesystem for /, /tmp, /var and several other

While I dont really want to take this further on this list, let me point to you the RHEL 4 U1 release notes.

"The ext2 and ext3 filesystems have an internal limit of 8 TB. Devices up to this limit have been tested in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Update 1."

2. Avoid using Extended Attributes (EAs) on Ext3 for data filesystems,
except for SELinux. This is more of a backup consideration than
anything else. There is no "reliable" way to backup/restore EAs from
Ext3. Sorry, although I personally like Jorg's work, star is not what I
consider "enterprise quality."

This is not a filesystem limitation


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