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Re: For this weeks meeting agenda...


We are not talking about RHEL marketing here

It's all the same. What doesn't go into Fedora Core rarely makes it into Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Frankly, the tunnel vision I see regularly is what bothers me most.

Its not tunnel vision. RHEL features and bugfixes are driven by the customer requests and support calls in a very real sense and not rants in a mailing list especially not ones in Fedora marketing list. If you want Red Hat to listen in relationship to RHEL, try http://redhat.com/support.

For Fedora, here is how you contribute. Note that the amount of oppurtunities is much more than RHEL

* File bug reports
* File feature requests with good rationale. I would like to have more than 8 TB filesystems for such and such scenarios might be better than "I want XFS"
* Write code and send in patches
* Write documentation
* Translate UI and docs
* Package in Fedora Extras
* Art work, themes and sound themes
* Advocate
* Last but not the least, use it

There might be a few I have missed

regards Rahul

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