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Re: For this weeks meeting agenda...

What I'm unhappy about the "marketing" aspects of why XFS is _not_

supported. I would much rather Fedora/Red Hat say, "we can't afford the
personnel to develop and support a 2nd filesystem." That would be
direct, fair and understanding.

The official answer for RHEL is here: http://kbase.redhat.com/faq/FAQ_80_5737.shtm

But the comments that Ext3 does everything XFS does, Ext3 does not have
limitations that XFS solves, refer to it as "experimental" and other
comments insult the intelligence of those of us who actually deploy
Fedora/Red Hat solutions.

That's the problem.  Again, if Red Hat says it does not want to support
a 2nd filesystem, that's one thing.  But 99% of the comments I see on
XFS, and why Fedora/Red Hat is not looking at it for the future, are
full of FUD.

Again, You should be specific about what you consider FUD in the Fedora Myths page. Avoid long rants. If anyone is willing to step up and maintain XFS or any other filesystem for that matter in Fedora, it can be send to the fedora development list.


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