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Re: November's Red Hat Magazine: All About Fedora

Hi All,

I still insist on a more professional approach, which means I suggest
for us to come up with a Communication Plan for Fedora, that could be
divided in a few sub-projects:

. Surveys (or blogs thorough analysis, distrowatch comparisons, etc) on
Fedora usage to find out what are the features perceived as benefits by
users (not by developers) - the reasons why they opt for Fedora, instead
of another free OS distro - and also the ones perceived as issues
. Next, focus on communicating these benefits consistently across all
available media (including RHMag, fedoraproject.org, localised websites,
blogs, etc) on a timely manner
	e.g.: RHMag can cover two or three benefits of Fedora each month. Then,
other media can approach the same benefits to enforce and support the

BTW, I believe such a process should be an ongoing activity to make sure
we walk along with the users community needs.

But, if we insist working on an ad-hoc basis, here are a few suggestions
for this issue:
	. Promote 32-bit applications support
	. Communicate FF news
	. Communicate Fedora Chinese Mirror (maybe call for other mirrors where
we lack'em worlwide?)
	. Bring users testimonials on Fedora (it usually works very well for
new users adoption)
	. Promote Fedora's worldwide reach, and languages localization
	. Include Fedora trustworthy URLs

Thanks for listening!

David Barzilay

On Mon, 2005-09-12 at 14:06 -0400, Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:
> Talking with Tammy Fox, the editor of Red Hat Magazine, and she's going to 
> be focusing entirely on Fedora for the November issue.
> Consider this a call-to-arms.  :)  Let's brainstorm some stories.  A few 
> ideas to start:
> * FUDCon London 2005 overview
> * Fedora CMCs (assuming we've got the program in place)
> * HOWTO build your own Fedora Live CD
> I'm sure there's plenty more ideas out there.  Let's hear 'em.
> --g
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