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Re: [Fwd: The name of Breezy+1]

Colin Charles wrote:
Next, I want you to pay close attention to the support - 3 years on the
desktop, 5 years on the server. This is by the /community/ or even that
Ubuntu Foundation thing which got pumped with a recent lot of cash

Fedora is known to support to about Test1/2 of the next release, and
Legacy then takes over until 3 fedora releases after. That gives roughly
2-2.5 years of updates/support, right, if we stuck to a hard on 6-month

From a marketing standpoint, what are your thoughts?

Will they drop the 6 months release cycle after this release? Will keep the cycles but promote more the "stable" version? Will promote the following releases letting 6.04 into shadow?

Or put in other way, will Ubuntu remain "the GNOME distro"? (hard to see these days an article about GNOME where Ubuntu is not mentioned)

Mark Shuttleworth <mark canonical com>

It's 6.04 that will be up against Windows Vista, so let's make it a
zinger and give folks a real choice.

What version of Fedora will be up against Windows Vista? Or we will not have such a thing? (I guess it will be in the FC6 timeframe)

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