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Re: Fedora Core 4 review: Educated new village boy!

Karsten Wade wrote:
How much does a Google text ad go for?  Cuz man.. how many fedora
meatheads are like me.. and are using gmail for all this list
traffic... can we actually find a way to get project help wanted
adverts into their gmail interface?

Now that's a good idea.
Forgive the HTML message.  Here's where some of the Fedora, Red Hat, and Linux terms stand for Google's AdWords:

Estimates for the maximum CPC: $4.96 USD
Keywords Avg. Position Clicks / Day Cost / Day Avg. CPC Status
Overall 1.0 1,323.0 $928.49 $0.70 -
Fedora 1.0 73.0 $23.90 $0.33 Active
Fedora Core 1.0 40.0 $6.07 $0.15 Active
Linux 1.0 940.0 $715.68 $0.76 Active
Red Hat 1.0 150.0 $119.29 $0.80 Active
RedHat 1.0 120.0 $63.54 $0.53 Active
Estimates for these keywords are based on clickthrough rates for current advertisers. Some of the keywords above are subject to review by Google and may not trigger your ads until they are approved. Please note that your traffic estimates assume your keywords are approved.

Looks to be out of reach.
Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 n-man com


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