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Re: Fedora Core 4 review: Educated new village boy!

On 9/15/05, Patrick Barnes <nman64 n-man com> wrote:
>  Looks to be out of reach.

day in and day out... yes... out of reach.
But if we get our ducks in a row and we try to have a "call to arms"
advertisement plan synced up with test1 of a release cycle for even a
single day it might be worth the resource outlay...especially..if we
can turn test release reviewers into our unsuspecting PR minions. So
among all the complaints or fanboy activity in those reviews..they
sneak in a useful blurb about the call to arms for tasks for that
release cycle. So i don't have to personally follow up and
double-dog-dare people to chip in. Can be have a blinding supernova of
"help wanted" advertising on test1 release day?

My first question is can we actually get our ducks in a row in time
for test1 so that if we make a general call to arms for help for
specific identified tasks? Basically making sure the process for each
identified task is ready to grind them up and actually use them right
away.  It's not just the release note beat writer task that I'm
thinking about here... though it serves as a good test case example.
There are a number of interesting tasks that could use with a fresh
infusion of blood every release cycle..with the expectation that
you'll encounter a high turnover rate inside the taskteam simply
because accomplishing the task has sucked all the life out of the
unsuspecting participants and left them dry husks which over time will
form a reef-like foundation on top of which a vibrant ecosystem of
teeming Fedora project activity is supported.


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