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Re: Fedora Core 4 review: Educated new village boy!

On Thu, 2005-09-15 at 10:04 -0400, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> On 9/15/05, Patrick Barnes <nman64 n-man com> wrote:
> >  Looks to be out of reach.
> day in and day out... yes... out of reach.
> But if we get our ducks in a row and we try to have a "call to arms"
> advertisement plan synced up with test1 of a release cycle for even a
> single day it might be worth the resource outlay...especially..if we
> can turn test release reviewers into our unsuspecting PR minions. So
> among all the complaints or fanboy activity in those reviews..they
> sneak in a useful blurb about the call to arms for tasks for that
> release cycle. So i don't have to personally follow up and
> double-dog-dare people to chip in. Can be have a blinding supernova of
> "help wanted" advertising on test1 release day?
> My first question is can we actually get our ducks in a row in time
> for test1 so that if we make a general call to arms for help for
> specific identified tasks? Basically making sure the process for each
> identified task is ready to grind them up and actually use them right
> away.  It's not just the release note beat writer task that I'm
> thinking about here... though it serves as a good test case example.
> There are a number of interesting tasks that could use with a fresh
> infusion of blood every release cycle..

Fedora automatically gets press when the test releases go out, and will
also get some when the Foundation is announced, so if there is a good
set of pages on participating the URL could be promoted on the press

Other channels I could think of, which could be used at pretty much any

- fedora-list
- fedora-announce
- FedoraNews

Also possible, but time-sensitive:

- Red Hat Magazine
- print Linux magazines (I'm sure that at least one I've seen has a
"Help Wanted" section for Open Source projects)
- the release notes themselves (there was a help wanted sign on the
FC4t1 notes)


Stuart Ellis

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