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Re: Fedora Core 4 review: Educated new village boy!

On 9/15/05, Stuart Ellis <stuart elsn org> wrote:
> - Red Hat Magazine
> - print Linux magazines (I'm sure that at least one I've seen has a
> "Help Wanted" section for Open Source projects)

speaking of print magazines... other than the classifieds...how much
does an actual ad cost?

> - the release notes themselves (there was a help wanted sign on the
> FC4t1 notes)

Until the release notes include slick artwork.. or some sort of
mind-numbing mesmerizing animation..its going to continue to be an
under-read resource for first glance enticement... no matter how
chockfull of useful information it actually is.  Its useful
documentation and thus I assume most people simply will not get around
to reading it unless they actually run into a problem and need to
refer to it. But yes of course, the help wanted call goes there to.
Actually i would expect a more verbose description to be in the
release notes which can be refered to from the more hit-and-run
advertising efforts.


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