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Re: Meeting minutes - 16/09/2005

On Fri, 2005-09-16 at 02:01 +1000, Colin Charles wrote:

>  * Logo - First round at: http://www.capstrat.com/development/fedora/.
> Infinite freedom isn't decided as the slogan, but the general consensus
> is that the logo is loved. Concentrate on logo feedback today. Color can
> be fixed later (like Legacy or something)
> Is the 'f' too subtle? Do we need a name? 

Somebody suggested I should comment on the list, so here goes ;)

On the whole, I like the "infinite freedom" concept, and I like the
f-infinity teardrop logo.  It also makes a great icon.

I don't like the 'f' in the wordmark; it seems that it should be more
similar to the logo.  I also don't like the 'a'; it doesn't really
resemble the logo (as the intent is noted to be), and the wide circular
style makes the wordmark feel asymetric.  But that's just nit-picking.

The real feedback I have is regarding the logo placement with respect to
the text.  There's a big field of heavy, dark color in the logo, and
placing it caddy-corner to the right the text creates a lot of negative
space around it.  The combination of the two draws the eye away from the
text very, very strongly.

This is obviously why the subproject logos all have the text on the
right side rather than the left, but it's still very, very strongly
weighted to the top and right.

Also, it kindof looks like a cartoon thought-balloon with that


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