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Re: Meeting minutes - 16/09/2005

On Sep 15, 2005, at 5:34 PM, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

On 9/15/05, Matt Munoz <mmunoz capstrat com> wrote:

Yes, I do have one

I also worked it into the presentation.

Sorry I missed the original link.. I will say the contrast in the
greyscale makes the f stand out more than the current colorized
version with the light blue secondary color. 
The color you have for
the legacy variation mockups seems to provide the best contrast among
the different colors in 
Unfortunately legacy is also the only variation that has an
established history with regard to color so if you keep that color
you'll need to use it for another subproject. Can you spin up a logo
using the shade of green from fedoralegacy.org colorscheme?

I've added the mark with the proper green to the presentation under "Additions" (at the bottom). Here's the direct link:

-jef"but since i dont exactly have a color calibrated monitor, take
this with a truck load of salt"spaleta

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