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Re: Meeting minutes - 16/09/2005

On Fri, 2005-09-16 at 17:03 -0300, Steven Garrity wrote:
> Jesse Keating wrote:
> > Yeah, using a non-free font seems like a no-go for me.
> While a free font would obviously be ideal, there just aren't many good 
> ones (yet?).

Right, and there won't be unless people make them.  Seems like Fedora
Font Project might be a good idea. :)  I'm sure there are good font
designers interested in freeing some fonts.

> Once the logo is created, and you've got a vector version of the 
> logo/wordmark (with the font converted to shapes), you can have a 
> completely free SVG logo with no royalties due or limitations from the 
> originating font.

This is interesting.  There is a very gray line when you deal with
freedom and content.  Does the presentation layer count?  Only if you
include it, some say.

Legally you may be correct, IANAL, yet you speak with authority as if
from experience.  But I think there is a principal at stake and I wonder
if it applies.

At what point do non-free resources leak over into the free side?

For example, using a non-free OS to produce FLOSS content is deemed a

With a font, there is a visual reminder of the non-freeness.  I think it
leaks over enough that I want us to consider applying resources to
provide an acceptable free alternative that we can use instead.

Sorry, Matt.  Welcome to debates about freedom. ;-)

- Karsten
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