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Re: Meeting minutes - 16/09/2005

Tejas Dinkar wrote:

On 9/15/05, *Colin Charles* <byte aeon com my <mailto:byte aeon com my>> wrote:

    * Fedora-derivatives: Rahul will post to list over the weekend, and
    Tejas has found a bunch of "dead" distros. Rahul is going to download
    everything he can get his hands on. c.f. Blag on LiveCd list for

Not just that, the plot thickens.

Distro Watch groups RedHat based Distros and Fedora Based Distros together. This leads to two things:

1) Someone should contact distro watch, and tell them to stop grouping it together 2) Many of the Distros there are RedHat based, and are not related to Fedora at all.

Considering that RHEL itself is based on Fedora, grouping them together is just fine IMO. Getting a list of the distributions in the second category would be helpful. Collect all the information in the wiki and we will launch it off from there


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