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Revamped Fedora Project website


I have worked along with Patrick Barnes who has done a great job in a revamping the wiki frontpage and related content over the past few days keeping in mind the earlier discussions we had in the list about the focus of the websites and lots of love :-) . It has also suggested that wiki page be made the root document with restricted ACL's it to Seth Vidal after running it through the designers and also that http://fedoraproject.org be the new primary website for Fedora users as well as developers.Several enhancements have been planned such as hiding the navigation sidebar or replacing it with other links for users who arent logged into the wiki. Moinmoin which is the current wiki implementation is expected to get the ability to use raw html content in version 2.0 which would be helpful is spicing up the page even better. RSS feed support in Moinmoin for pulling in content from the wiki at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/News would also be useful to add to the infofeed. The screenshot might be replaced with something thats appealing to non technical users. Await more information on that later.

Presenting http://fedoraproject.org/wiki for your feedback. Have fun!


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