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Re: Meeting minutes - 16/09/2005


On 9/19/05, Jeremy Hogan <jeremy hogan gmail com> wrote:
> There are two ways to look at the font issue. One is that when used
> (and controlled) as part of a protected trademark or logotype, you
> don't necessarily want to make it that easy for folks to make
> derivatives. What if they took the font and made "figaro", in the same
> blue? Trademarks have to be protectable to be protected. You can't
> tell someone to stop using a free font in  their logo.
> Second way to look at it is, maybe Red Hat does open this font, and/or
> make it part of the default font set in Fedora, with wording as to how
> it may be used in conjunction with a fedora related project logo, or
> otherwise used to support fedora related marketing.
> IMHO, since we are limited in what we can use to make people instantly
> think of fedora when they see the font or the logotype by itself (e.g.
> no visual fedora, just the name), we should consider/allow the
> possibility that this font will only be used in an official capacity,
> and that perhaps a family of font that supports it, or compliments it
> very well, could be released for all the other legit marketing uses.
> --jeremy
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