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Re: Meeting minutes - 16/09/2005

Nicu Buculei wrote:

This is true, but also a lot of GPL projects are changing the fonts used in the logo from propietary one to a free one at the request of the community. For example such a change is expected at OpenOffice.org.

This is fine, as long as the only argument is not "hey, it's commercial!". Open-source does not mean freeware, even though most people make this mistake. The hired/designated designer paid for the font, does his job and delivers the product.

Regarding your phpBB example, look at http://www.phpbb.com/images/pic-home2.jpg The font used for "creating communities" is probably Arial Bold Italic but can be easily replaced with Bitstream Vera Sans Bold Italic.

Nope, it's Tripex (or Triplex, I've found the font using both of the names) and it's commercial. Take a look here:


The quality of the logo and the font used for the wordmark are completely orthogonal.

You could say the same thing about open-source and commercialware, at a first glance.

Ovidiu Lixandru

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