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Re: The ongoing Fedora Forum discussion

On 9/21/05, Greg DeKoenigsberg <gdk redhat com> wrote:

We wanted enough input to validate the direction the logo should take.
The mechanism we used to gather that input was the Fedora marketing list.
Why?  Because this is *precisely* why the Fedora marketing group exists.
And yes, that *necessarily* excludes 99% of the Fedora community -- but it
*includes* the 1% who care enough about the direction of Fedora's brand to
get *directly* involved.


And not only that, but this particular issue is not up for broad debate, or a referendum, since RH marketing and legal have to make the final call. So inviting a mass of folks to contribute, only to find out that they didn't get their way, or that their input could be considered would have made them even madder.

Besides, we don't need the other 99% of the community telling us it should be a blue hat. ;-)


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