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Re: The ongoing Fedora Forum discussion

I like the idea of co-branding.  A lot.

In fact, I think that the entire distro should be a lot more co-brandable 
than it is.  At the very least, we should be able to allow LUGs to burn 
their own versions of Fedora that have their own (homepage in Firefox) and 
(spiffy default background image) or whatever.

There are bigger fish to fry, but I think this is a spiffy idea for 
promotion.  Always have.  Now... what am I gonna do about it?  I dunno.

But it sure is a good idear.  Yes, indeedy.


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On Thu, 22 Sep 2005, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

> On 9/22/05, Jeremy Hogan <jeremy hogan gmail com> wrote:
> >  Besides, we don't need the other 99% of the community telling us it should
> > be a blue hat. ;-)
> For the record... i wanted a goat. Maybe I can rally the goat lovers
> under a single banner and march onto the field of battle branishing
> our superior weapons of rhetorical might, dispatching blue hat clan to
> the four winds. Though I think instead, I'll move this debate
> forward.... so... what are the chances we can see cdrom/dvd labels
> using whatever logo is finalized included on the isos?  Ideally I'd
> LOVE to see labels that left room for co-branding. So any organization
> who was producing install media from the iso images could use the
> provided labels and slap their orgnization logo/name in a specified
> area on the official cd labels.
> -jef"king of the meatheads!"spaleta
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