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Re: The ongoing Fedora Forum discussion

On 9/23/05, Greg DeKoenigsberg <gdk redhat com> wrote:
> I like the idea of co-branding.  A lot.
> In fact, I think that the entire distro should be a lot more co-brandable
> than it is.  At the very least, we should be able to allow LUGs to burn
> their own versions of Fedora that have their own (homepage in Firefox) and
> (spiffy default background image) or whatever.

Uhm... thats a bigger deal than what I talking about... i much bigger
deal... since you are talking about respinning and changing the
checksums of the isos. I'm going to back away from that for the
moment..though I'll gladly poke you in the eye about it once the
foundation is up and running.

I'm just looking for "official" cd-label art that can come on the
"official" core isos every release, that people can use when burning
media so its instantly recognizable as "fedora core" media no matter
which organization actually burned the disks AND it has a place for
the organization to add their name/logo so they can get credit/blame
for providing the install media. Its a simple recipe in terms of
information that should be on the labels, but the layout and design
are a matter of taste... hence why I think this needs to go through a
designer process like the logo.

The information that needs to be on the labels provided on the isos is easy:
1: Fedora watermark/trademark
2: Release name/number  (release 5 aka yermomma)
3: Disk name/number  (i386 Disk 1) or (SRPM Disk 2)
4: "Provided by:"
5: space for organization watermark/trademark to go (PETA)
6: optionally space for burn-on date or other batch/serial number to
go. (#93901-aa3)

Basically I'm talking about provided one png/jpg per disk that is part
of an official iso release, with a short file explaining that its okay
to modify the image to add your organizations name/logo in the
provided space.. but please don't change the layout or design of the
images in any other way.


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