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Re: Fedora Logo I saw on ff.org

El mar, 27-09-2005 a las 23:29 -0400, Peter Jones escribió:

> > If i get a vote, this one has it
> > 
> > Sailor has done an amazing touch up of the origninal 'infinite
> > freedom' idea
> > 
> > http://tejas.nipl.net/fedoralogos
> > 
> > The icons do get a bit grainy after we shrink them past 64x64, but I
> > think that with a bit of touching up, this can be fixed.
> 3D logos just aren't the way.  There's too much going on in them, and
> they look significantly different when you change the format -- to
> greyscale, for one example.

Hi list; 
Just browsing through the fedora wiki pages, ran into the "logo project"
arousing my curiosity. 
Just to say I don't like that set of logos, sorry. Just an opinion, if
this is essentially a question of tastes among other technical/marketing
I'm not a designer, artist, etc... but IMHO that image just suggests me
the opposite idea of something "in freedom", agility, opened, "in
progress", etc... BUT something hermetic, raw, closed, heavy, etc...; 3D
lines there seems to me pipes, then they remember to me a "semi
industrial" theme, so in some way (summed to that combination of colours
in particular...) something "dirty". 
In order to give an aproximated idea of my tastes considering known
logos, I'd say: 
Debian's is very nice. Simple, original and eternal through the ages,
dynamic, etc..that truly gives me the idea of infinity, dynamism, ...
Ubuntu's a bit colder, "scientific", but I think it's also ok, the basic
idea is strong.
Suse's sorry but I don't see anything on it, it does not transmit me
anything apart from a relaxing green colour. 
Gentoo's is simply direct,original in some way, just distinctive, a bit
Mandriva's sorry... too much simpleness, no original at all.
Redhat's I suppose it was cool some time ago, still unique, distinctive,
attractive, without becoming a old-fashioned logo...,but it does not
support "the pass of the times" as good as others.
Other examples of well-known logos a)I like: php, k3b, bluefish,...
b)Just OK: lyx, apache, mysql, ... c)Don't like very much: there are
several but not many...


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