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Re: Fedora based distributions: An overview

Tejas Dinkar wrote:

* Live CD's: These is potentially the biggest group and they provide value as rescue cds, demonstrations and technology showcases etc

* Regional: These include GUI and docs in their native language, locale information with potentially more utilities for input methods and changes to accommodate hardware in that particular region

* Niche groups: New technology, product demonstrations etc that appeal to a limit audience like terminal servers and low end hardware. These might eventually evolve into a mainstream technology or product

* Package mix: Changes in default set of packages, branding and other specific targets like games or edutainment software.

* Commercial offshoots: Productizing a distribution appeals to many groups and for several different uncategorized reasons

You forgot rescue CDs. I remember seeing at least one cd that is for use when you mess up your FC install

Mentioned under the Live CD's category.


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