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[Fedora-marketing-list] Re: slashdot

So here i am again. 
I've let settle down a little dust in the discussion with Raul.

From a Marketing point (yes, techicians ALL hates marketing) point how can/want we "force" the developers to appeal more customers ? 
And i do not mean professional ones which uses XEN or SElinux in a "conscious" way, but everyday people. I mean the point & click inclined to.
I might say to look on how Novell has worked on the desktop experience of SLED starting from the openSUSE, there are some yards of difference between the two projects.

From my point of view we can welcome more people:

- talking till come blue in the face of Fedora, of what's going on and why (possibily);

- continuing this road of "disclosure" i am enjoying since Max has come "the" chief :-P

- simplyfing the package management & retrieval (again to give a slight idea i would *love* a hugest as possible fedora-extra repo, an external FC-compatible non-US repository for packages that are allowed almoust everywhere but not in the USA and a "Penguin Liberation Front" style repo);

- answering in a clear and motivated way to people approaching .... being told "your vision is wrong or different" is useless. We have to suppose that people who subscribes here or another no help-desk list has read and understood our "policies" and still has a different take on them. Things are always perfectible (hope it's the right word) and welcoming new ideas is not always bad. On the contrary to stick obsessively with self made rules would end in a closed environment, and we - i suppose - are for the Open.

- try to develop more friendly and unified "control center" .... now for Fedora (and also Debian) i see a tendency to put this effort on Gnome or KDE. I like the Mandriva Control Center and YaST approach, and since someone told me YaST is smart enough to leave untouched hand-modified files and since it has become GPL'd i would like other distro approach and make it better than it is (as it's being done with Smart Package management).

So, lunch is coming my way .... i'll stop bothering this list !
Thanks for reading ++ i do hope to have been "understandable"

Nicola   .:kOoLiNuS:.   Losito

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