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Re: [Fedora-marketing-list] Name for future Fedora distribition?

On 12/2/06, Gian Paolo Mureddu <gmureddu prodigy net mx> wrote:
I still think that "just Fedora" works great, or maybe Fedora GNU/Linux
(yeah, I know, the GNU part... And sounds so much like Debian). At any
rate, why would the distribution have to change? Yes, Extras and Core
merged, but that does not mean that all packages will be available in
the distributed media or images. I think that maybe keeping the same
selection of packages for the typical media images would be best and
have as an option install any of the additional packages at install time
from Anaconda with Yum, so at installation they would still be
available, and maybe have a separate set of media images which would
include all the packages and span many, many more packages.

Fedora  : its been like a brand name and most people trust it. Adding something makes confused. Yeah we should respect the GNU part. But can't it be Fedora again as it was before? If we had Fedora before why now again.. Putting a trailing portions like Fedora 1, ... Fedora 7, Fedora $version seems reasonable for new distribution. KISS  it . :P

Even if we keep longer names the community will always call it just fedora .. Keeping the names always linux have made many people confused.  We have Linus Torvalds inside credits, GNU inside credits.
What about encaptulation.. Hiding some unwanted stuffs without breaking the rules of GNU or freedom. Everyone can look at the credits for the contributors. Its not about forcing names in their mouth every time they use linux. Every time I open a windows box or talk about windows and I have to pronounce Bill Gates once. :( not interesting.. I think We should have been liberal.. 

It could even be done so, that it would be possible to have different
"installation images" in regards of a "standard installation" (meaning
the same way it has been done, five CD images, one DVD image), a small
"Internet installation" image, which will feature a base system and most
basic components (not to say core :D) and from which it would be
possible to fetch any thing extra off the internet, very convenient for
a lot of users, especially those with broad band access with the
convenience of a single CD image to download, (and it could even be a
small image), the caveat is the users REQUIRE Internet access.

I don't think a major change in the name or anything would be strictly
necessary. For the next release I'd be happy with just "fedora 7"

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