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Re: [Fedora-marketing-list] Re: [Ambassadors] Name for future Fedora distribition?


On 12/3/06, Charles VINCHON <charles vinchon fedoraproject org> wrote:
I don't like the FC X.Y format but i think that releasing one version
by year instead of two is a good idea.

I ask people who don't use linux what was the brand they would choose
and they all have chosen "Fedora" due to its simplicity.

2006/12/3, Thomas Canniot <thomas canniot laposte net>:
> We have a chance here : Fedora Core 7 will be out in 2007. What about
> sticking to years now ? Fedora 8 will come out in 2008 ?
> And name the releases according to it : Fedora Linux 7.1 for the spring
> release and Fedora 7.2 for the autumn release.
> What we can see in the fedora development is that it seems to have a
> major release every year or so, followed by a more polished one.
> FC2 was a polish release of FC1
> FC4 ... FC3
> FC6 ... FC5
> Then we can expect FC7.1 being a major release, and FC7.2 being a polish
> release.

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