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Re: [Fedora-marketing-list] Proposal: Link to low-cost CD presses

On 12/4/06, Michel Salim <michel salim gmail com> wrote:

I notice that quite a few of the requests made to the Free Media
program came from USA, Canada, UK etc. It seems to me that at least
some of the request originators would be happy to use low-cost presses
like Cheapbytes instead but did not know that they exist.

Could we perhaps put up a page on the Wiki with links to such sites?
I've used Cheapbytes, Linux Emporium (United Kingdom) and a similar
service in Indonesia in the past, and have generally been very
satisfied. The Indonesian operation (I can't recall the name at the
moment) even delivers by courier to your house if you live in the

This would probably allow us to reach more people who *really* cannot
get access to the
DVDs otherwise (or have reasons not to trust online vendors)


Michel Salim

We've been maintaining a list of OnlineVendors for quite some times.
I'm sure they know this page since it's been linked from the Main page.
FedoraMain  =>  GetFedora => Online Vendors
Thomas Chung

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