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Re: [Fedora-marketing-list] Linux+ Magazine - Special Edition - Fedora Core 6

Hmm, in the agreement there's written I give them the copyrights. I base my news mainly on FedoraNEWS, so we don't loss much :) It's rather the form of presenting news from the Fedora world to the readers. I also put there another information, such as the news from Fedora.pl (Polish site and support forum), and generally what important happens in the Fedora community. Of course I would with pleasure also write for FedoraNEWS, but when I will have a bit more time - now I'm really swamped. I hope these articles will cause that Fedora will become more popular in Poland as one of the most famous distributions :)


On 12/13/06, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
Pawel Sadowski wrote:
> Hi,
> Hmm, it's nice to see my own name there as one of the authors :) It's a
> big honor for me I could write an article about Fedora. I'll also write
> news from the Fedora world in every month's issue :)

Thats excellent. Do you sign over copyrights or can you republish the
same articles elsewhere? It would good if we can carry the same content
in fedora news.


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