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[Fedora-marketing-list] Dutch "Linux starter" magazine has a full Fedora Core 6 issue


I'm Herman from Holland and I'm new here.
(I joined because I like Fedora Core a lot, and I think it could make a
lot more people feel better at their computers.)

Besides the Linux Magazine (wrapped in secret-hiding plastic) I also saw
an €8,95 "Linus Starter" magazine in Dutch, with an FC6 DVD. This is
widely available in small bookshops/news paper stands (such as in train
stations and somewhat larger towns). The last time I saw this it was a
Linspire issue, over a year ago.
Not as slick as Lin.Mag., but it looks very informative, very beginner
proof and yet very much to the point. A white Fedora on the cover.
Interestingly, they didn't take Ubuntu although it is all the hype now,
at least in Europe Ubuntu is more widely used than FC.

I haven't bought it yet for temporary lack of cash but if anybody here
wants me to buy it so I can tell you of its contents, please tell me.


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