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Fedora Ambassador Walker Book Project

Thinking about our needs to promote Fedora, Free and Open Source Software, I think that could be an interesting idea develope a "Walker Book" to spread Fedora Potential and FOSS ideas. Contents, slides, tech and non-tech content that could help us to "unify the speech"around the world. If the Counsil is agree I would Like to start this project in the Main Wiki.

*Another Tips*
Next week will be on line www.fedoracore.com.ar. The objetive for this website is bring Spanish guide to Fedora and Open Source contents. This will be developed with Joomla Technolgy and Wiki, Chat rooms, etc.

Red Hat for South Cone will bring me some help to start Fedora Community in Argentina for a start. I will recieve help from another local community members.We will start with a Fedora Core Conference in Buenos Aires probably before FISL7.

Waiting for feedback Ill recieve your advices with pleasure.

Best Regards

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