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Re: [Fedora-marketing-list] Re: Fedora Core 6 Beta 2 Review

Leon wrote:

What would you suggest the page be named as?

I don't have anything specific to recommend. Just want to raise this
question. Because I think a lot of people come to fedoraproject.org to
find information about the next release and I don't think the front
page address this enough.

I already wrote a release summary but it is not complete. Many things are still being updated in the development tree. So we cant list the complete set of features. We might disable features if they dont work properly or get additional ones before the general release based on developer time, feedback etc. You want me to put the release summary in the news section even thought its incomplete? If you want to write something new, feel free to.

Overall I feel the wiki isn't very user friendly.

Can you help?


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