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[Fedora-marketing-list] false fedora mirror...

I'm an Italian Linux usera and "Fedora lover", I follow and appreciate
very much the work you guys are doing to keep the distro at top

I'd like to make you notice a thing, maybe you can't see it because
you're not Italian...
I had to download the cd isos this week so I went to look for some
italian mirrors and I found that the one of ngi is RESTRICTED!...
http://fedora.ngi.it/ redirects to
where you find this notice:
"Dear user,
our mirrors are currently available only for users connecting from
NGI's IP addresses."

Currently? To me it's an excuse: it's been at least months of this
situation lasting...
I took a look and discovered the same page just some months ago, but I
didn't write to you to report this. I'm doing it now to ask you to
think about and maybe reconsider their presence in Fedora mirrirs page
because actually theirs is NOT a mirror. It's not public as you can

I personally dislike when one tries to publicize itsself offering a
service that actually isn't there. What's more, using free software
Thanks for the attention, anyway...

Fabrizio Felici
Registered Linux User #398394
Registered Linux Machines #300244 #300245

GROlug - http://www.grolug.org/
Di' di NO al TC-Palladium!! http://www.no1984.org/

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