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[Fedora-marketing-list] Re: false fedora mirror...

Il giorno 23/set/06, alle ore 18:27, Max Murdock ha scritto:

I'd like to make you notice a thing, maybe you can't see it because
you're not Italian...
I had to download the cd isos this week so I went to look for some
italian mirrors and I found that the one of ngi is RESTRICTED!...
http://fedora.ngi.it/ redirects to
where you find this notice:
"Dear user,
our mirrors are currently available only for users connecting from
NGI's IP addresses."

Currently? To me it's an excuse: it's been at least months of this
situation lasting...
I took a look and discovered the same page just some months ago, but I
didn't write to you to report this. I'm doing it now to ask you to
think about and maybe reconsider their presence in Fedora mirrirs page
because actually theirs is NOT a mirror. It's not public as you can

i'm italian too, i'm not an NGI customer but i don't see the point in taking any action against them, because i don't think that excluding them from the mirrors list would make any difference for the better.

Maybe we could "advice" them to declare clearly that their mirror is only for they customers, as it is probably a plus to their customer and in this way thay are able to give them a better download experience ...

Just my 0,02€

Nicola   .:kOoLiNuS:.   Losito

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