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Re: thinking about the Fedora brand (WARNING: this is for you)

In a commercial context, this is the definition of BRANDING:

The main purpose of branding is to get
MORE people to buy MORE stuff
      for MORE years at a HIGHER price.

IIRC, the original quote was from a Coca-Cola CEO about the purpose of a BUSINESS, not BRAND per se:
"To get more people to buy more stuff, more often, so that you make more money."
You're right in that it is an obvious goal for Red Hat to have, but I think the sentiment still works in the context of Fedora:
"To get more people to using more free software, so that free software grows."

Which still fits RHATs financial goal in that the more free software users there are, the more stuff RHAT can sell them.

FWIW, I think a better definition of brand is that "it is the delta between what you say and what you do." The promise versus the experience.

For example, Fedora promises a Red Hat sponsored, community-supported OS made exclusively from Free Software. And it delivers that, so Fedora is on brand in that capacity.  


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