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Re: Fedora's mid-life crisis

Jonathan Roberts wrote:
if I am a contributor doing things voluntarily in Fedora, I can
understand things only if the board communicates any ideas or visions
for the future to me and I am very likely only going to consider those
changes if they were discussed and consensus formed publicly.

The people over at freeculture.org have had an interesting project
lately: free culture visions (or something similar).

They've invited anybody who follows freeculture.org (i.e. anybody in
the public) to write a short piece about where they see free culture
heading, what they'd like to see etc. Perhaps something similar might
be appropriate for the Fedora project, to prompt discussion in the
wider community?

Just to clarify, are you suggesting that someone write a article musing about Fedora's future in Red Hat magazine or something like that?


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