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Re: Fedora's mid-life crisis

Imtiaz Rahi wrote:

Only painful thing to me is YUM. RPM packages are good but YUM, Pirut and others are not good enough. Synaptic is still better to see what updates are available, then choose one and find out what are the dependencies which are going to be downloaded and etc.

File RFE's in bugzilla against Pirut for what you want to see. Note that Synaptic is available in the Fedora repository if you really need it

Also, any derivatives should be able to say its based on Fedora rather then removing all Fedora branding. Fedora should be that much flexible.

Yep. Work in progress at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/FeatureGenericLogos

Why don't we arrange a poll ?

I really don't want us to deciding the future by random polling. Structured detailed feedback is much more useful.



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