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Re: Fedora's mid-life crisis -- YUM v. APT v. SmartPM

On Mon, 2007-08-06 at 02:40 +0600, Imtiaz Rahi wrote:
> Only painful thing to me is YUM. RPM packages are good but YUM, Pirut
> and others are not good enough.
> Synaptic is still better to see what updates are available, then
> choose one and find out what are the dependencies which are going to
> be downloaded and etc. 

Why stop at Apt/Synaptic?

Why not just look at Smart Package Manager (aka SmartPM aka Smart)?
GUIs are standard.  Dependency resolution is outstanding, etc...

Also, last time I checked, Apt had _not_ addressed multi-architecture.
Anything Debian-based is still using chroot for i386 support.

> Why don't we arrange a poll ?

Why don't people contribute and directly change what they don't like?

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